Secure your personal car

AFMS individual solutions enhance vehicle security and act as a preventative measure for all of the associated costs of car theft. Our individual solutions will also help car owners to plan and budget fuel consumption accordingly.


Protect your car against preventable loss

As a motorist, car theft can have a huge impact on your family budget. Often overlooked are the costs associated with insurance excess from claims, additional travel costs incurred from interim use of public transport while any claims are settled (or the associated costs of hire cars that are not always a ‘free’ element of a car insurance policy) as well as any future increases in the insurance premiums to pay. AFMS individual tracking solutions enhance vehicle security and act as a preventative measure for all of the associated costs of car theft. Our products include:

Individual Tracking Products



Track your vehicle on your phone

AFMS TRACK U gives you the power to monitor and secure your car directly from your mobile device without the need for logging into websites or calling others to ask where your car is. After an easy installation, your AFMS TRACK U is ready to guard your car 24/7 without needing to be accessed ever again with all settings and commands done from the privacy of your mobile phone or tablet. If used only for vehicle security, you won’t have to give your device another thought while having peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be the first to know if anything happens.

Securing Your Vehicle Against Theft

All AFMS TRACK U vehicle tracking devices are equipped with a sensitive motion sensor that alerts you immediately via SMS as soon as your car is disturbed. Because alarm messages are sent direct to your mobile phone without the need to log on a website or notice the theft personally, you usually have time to react even before the thieves have even managed to enter your car.

The remote listening function lets you determine whether the threat is real and choose whether to call for assistance or disable your vehicle ignition with one SMS. Once disabled, your vehicle won’t start even with the key until you, or another authorized user, commands AFMS TRACK U to enable ignition again. Even if the thieves make it out of the parking lot, you can switch to recovery mode and have your device send frequent location updates and even immobilize your vehicle (available only in countries where local laws allow) making vehicle recovery by local law enforcement or your security service easy.

Monitoring the Kids or Personal Driver When They Use the Car

Tramigo lets you set speed limits, allowed (or banned) zones and multiple other automatic reporting features for your car, putting your mind at ease when handing over the car keys. As your Tramigo reports direct to your mobile phone, there’s no need for you to interrupt your Saturday night game to log on to a website to check up on the kids – you’ll know immediately if your rules are broken wherever you are. Above all, Tramigo provides freedom of choice, daily happiness and peace of mind.



Autonomous GPS trackers

AFMS FLEET Portable Trackers are designed for tracking portable objects such as cargo or cars. Integrated usage scenarios, simple mounting and long life internal batteries allows customer to use the Portable Trackers in an easy way.